Monday, November 09, 2020

Cavalock and A Most Unlikely Durian Post

This is the post I never thought I would write and it's bout durians, definitely not one of my favourite fruits in the world but I respect it, hey, back in the old family home where I grew up, me aunts and uncles were into it but just not little ol' me way back then. First up is this Cadbury Durian milk chocolate bar I spotted at Cold Storage. No, just plain no. Maybe if trick or treating was allowed this year, some poor kid could had been on the receiving end of this cruel joke.

Now on to something Durian-y that I really enjoy. It's the new Japanese boardgame called 'Durian' and it's sooooo much fun when I played it the first time at my friend's apartment. The next day I knew I had to get my own copy. Now usually I get my Japanese games when I'm in Tokyo but since that ain't happening anytime soon, I had to order it for a local game supplier for $35.

Best way to describe the game is with this blurb, "In this game, players assume the roles of clerks in a jungle fruit shop who are trying to work with a gorilla manager. The goal of the game to predict the amount of fruit that needs to be stocked that is on a hidden fruit card. If a player thinks that too many orders have been taken, they ring a handbell and call over the gorilla manager to call another player's bluff."

On your turn you ether draw a card and add to the amount of fruits being ordered thus pushing your luck, or you ring the bell and call the manager on the player before you. Cos when you choose to draw a card, you stand the risk of having the player after you to call the manager on you. Geddit? That's when the fun tension hits. It's a small and quick game that you can carry it with you and it doesn't take up that much table space. You get mostly cards and wooden stands to prop your cards during the game. Best part is of cos the tiny bell everyone can't resist ringing. Oh, it's called 'Durian' cos that's the rarest fruit in the market.

Not as good as me Dad's bird pix but I managed to take this shot from couple weeks ago. Pretty awesome in a scary way I guess. Anyway there were more than a few much wider shots online that some folks took that really conveyed the awesomeness of the cloud storm rolling in over the island.


imp said...

That Durian game sounds hilarious!

Cavalock said...

It is! If you or your friends are ever interested in any boardgames, let me know. I can recommend or lend you some.

imp said...

Aww thank you! They own some, but i don’t. So if it’s my turn to bring one, I’ll shamelessly ask to borrow one of yours (less cerebral ones pls). Oof!