Friday, May 29, 2020

Cavalock and The Cat Who Knew Too Much

Dropped by Plaza Singapura the other day cos it was the place where my bank was open during the Lockdown. I mean it was the nearest one from my home so the Baker-at-Home and I took this opportunity to drop by Japanese grocery store Iroha Mart to stock up on some supplies. Unfortunately  still no Japanese bread flour for the Baker-at-Home. But I did spot some pretty fancy booze that were way outta my price range. Beer from Karuizawa! We were there couple years ago!

One of the interesting by-products or effects of the Lockdown are the weirder than usual dreams I been having. Gawd knows I have always had crazy and often 'action-packed' dreams since I was a kid but last week was the first time I had a theme song in a dream. It was 'She's a Beauty' by The Tubes and I was in a freakin' sitcom. I shit you not. There were other equally weird bits but I can't remember them.

And speaking of more weird stuff, you know us humans aren't the only ones affected by the Lockdown when this is the scene unfolding before your very eyes. So that evening I was waiting for my Grab ride when I saw this neighbourhood cat just inches behind a seemingly oblivious pigeon. The cat actually did a double take when it saw me! Was this the equivalent of ninja-zooming a meeting in the animal kingdom? Like it was actually surprised to see me. Was it talking to the pigeon? Then it just locked eyes with me. Now we all know you are not supposed to avert you eyes when caught in a death stare with a wild animal. So for about a whole minute, we just looked at each other and we both tried not to make any sudden movements. I only gingerly managed to snap that single shot before my ride arrived!

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