Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Cavalock Returns to Karuizawa

So we found ourselves back in the mountain resort of Karuizawa after our last visit there a year ago. An absolute delight and it turned out to a great opportunity to escape the heat too. I thought it would be hotter here but it was actually cooler out here. Well, the early morning Shinkansen ride from Tokyo Station was already a chance to take a post-breakfast nap to re-charge for the rest of the day's excursion.

We didn't visit the central town of Kyu-Karuizawa like last time. Instead we saw this Hawaiian burger joint Kua Aina and since it's touted as the "best burger from Hawaii", we knew we had to have that for lunch. My burger was huge, really big and this was probably the first time in a long while that I couldn't finish a burger. It tasted great, I like it a lot but that's a damn big burger and the fries were amazing too. Nothing like that monkeycrap McD sells. Think I finished all of that. The Baker-at-Home was raving bout her avocado burger too.

Out in the Karuizawa countryside, it was much cooler than on the streets of Tokyo. That's me taking some time out and sitting under the tree in a garden park, enjoying the light breeze all by my lonesome self! Not that hot at all, even under the sun. The Baker-at-Home snapped this shot after she was done with her shopping.

Hey, in my earlier post, I mentioned bout losing the downloaded Japanese Netflix shows when I got home. Well, a friend offered a solution for that, simply switch your iPad to flight mode till you watch all your downloaded stuff! Long as your iPad doesn't 'know' you are back home, you are good to go.

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