Monday, August 27, 2018

Cavalock and The Inexorable Tokyo Food Haul

It's not just lemons that are in season right now in Japan, it's also all things peachy as peach season is also upon us. Now if you are planning on buying peaches like we did, get the ones from Yamanashi prefecture. I swear they are the juiciest. They are at least double the price back home here in Singapore. Besides hauling back the usual fruits and veggies, it's also perfectly common for us to buy back bout a gazillion packs of snacks and confectioneries. Anyone who has ever been to Japan knows one does not merely come back with only a few snacks. Just walk into any food basement in a departmental store like Isetan or Takashimaya in Tokyo and you'll see locals lining up for the latest seasonal snacks. In case you are wondering, Tokyo Bananas is soooo 1990s! Small part of me is glad I'm now outta the rat race cos otherwise I'll likely buy twice as many snacks for folks in the office.

Beef Pringles! Not sure if it's all artificially flavoured or not. Bought it for a friend who's into such savoury goodies. Don't think you can find this outside of Japan. Speaking of things you can't find outside Japan, that Snoopy tin below was purchased at the Snoopy Museum and I was honestly attracted to the tin box more than what was inside it. Plan was to use it to store my smaller board game accessories or some Warhammer figures. It was only when I got back home, did I realised the Cigare roll cookies inside were by famous Japanese brand Yoku Moku! Good luck getting that once the Museum closes next month! Hah!

Saw a queue of folks queueing for these financiers. Didn't see this brand during our previous trips to Japan so figured we'll just buy a box. Butter Butler is really really buttery as well as moist and extremely BUTTERY. Needless to say, I loved every bite of it. Of cos there were lots more delicious snacks that we brought back, most have already passed through digestive systems or given to friends. I guess more hours in the gym for us.

So while we were away in Tokyo, me 84-year-old Dad was busy making his own way, criss-crossing the island and snapping his usual bird pix. Here are some of the few thousand shots he took over the two weeks. Enjoy!

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