Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Cavalock and The Tokyo Summer Heat Sizzle

We were back in Tokyo again! Right in the middle of their record-breaking heatwave! Yah, we were there several months ago when the weather was a wee bit too cold. Anyway we decided to take a break from our daily chores and found ourselves back in Tokyo. Hah! As always, we'll kick off with a quick look at a couple of new Haagen-Dazs flavours I spotted. The kuromitsu kinako flavour was much preferred over the peach one. Couldn't really taste the peachy flavour there.

The below pix right there was taken from the top 35th floor of our room in Shinjuku at 4.50am in the morning. Summer in Tokyo means long days ahead and with this heatwave. It was pretty challenging.  It was hot and we could actually feel the heat or rays prickling away at our skin when we are outdoors. I got tan lines just walking for train station to mall to train station. I wouldn't say that it's unbearable. It's hotter than Singapore but nothing we can't handle.

Not a cloud in the sky over at Tokyo Station. I think the average Tokyo temperature while we were there was around 35C. We ducked between malls and made frequent stops at vending machines. Good thing about coming during and why I prefer the heat than the cold is cos we don't have to pack al them thick heavy outfits and the shops are selling something else besides winterwear.

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