Monday, July 30, 2018

Cavalock and The OCD Coffee Jelly Therapy

If there's ever a drink for OCD folks by OCD folks, I'm thinking this has got to be it. Jeleets Crush Jelly drinks are from Japan and I have always had a weak spot for Japanese coffee jelly drinks. The messages on the bottle are a constant reminder to shake it 7 times, and I mean exactly 7 times before drinking it. That's pretty damn specific. I guess it's cos of lucky 7? Anyway, the shaking process is supposed to break up the jelly bits in the bottle.

Bought the two bottles at our local Don Don Donki. I like the taste, especially the matcha vanilla flavour. Although I doubt I'll buy them again cos I have been making a conscious effort to lay off the "unhealthy drinks". In case anyone's wondering, booze is not an "unhealthy" beverage. ;)

And since we are on the topic of drinks that are bad for you, can anyone tell me the difference between Coke Light and Coke No Sugar? I compare the labels, ingredients and everything and they both read exactly the same.

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