Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Cavalock and The Glorious Chicken Guts Gestation

Now you guys have a legit reason to head to Fortune Centre instead of coming up with excuses to visit the infamous old office building that's perhaps infamous for illegal massage parlours. Well, the local vice cops have done an excellent job cleaning up the place and it's now a pretty decent place for a dinner or lunch date. Motsu-Ya is like an izakaya joint that opened on the first floor recently. It's a pretty small joint and its also part of Nobu-Ya, the Japanese restaurant downstairs.

Had their speciality Motsu-Ni which is kinda like a chicken gut stew. Lotsa delicious, flavourful miso braised chicken parts and veggies. I don't think I have ever had or seen such a dish in a Japanese menu before. It's extremely satisfying. And an impressive booze menu usually warrants a second visit!

It ain't easy being a caregiver but I do get to help me 84-year-old Dad organise his latest wildlife pix. These here bee-eater pix were taken in Punggol in a single morning.

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