Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cavalock *hearts* Laduree Macaroons

So here I am, back after almost two weeks in the U.K. Had a good time, met some nice people and of cos, ate some great food. Didn’t get a chance to geek out as much as I did in Tokyo, hard to find those sci-fi or comic book stuff in London.

This was my first time in London so some initial observations bout the place. I heard waaaay more Spanish, Italian and Arabic being spoken than English, of cos that could be becos I was in the very touristy places bout half the time. And also a reflection of how the Euro is doing compared to the Pound.

The Eastern Europeans have pretty much taken over the British retail and service industry. Reminds me of the first time I was in New York (pre-9/11), I was surprised to see so many Latinos behind the counter, I don’t think I was ever served by a white guy.

Speaking of the US, the folks in the London look a lot fitter and thinner than the cousins in the US. Good for them.

Alright, more thoughts later, time for some food pix now! Possibility the best damn macaroons I have ever had. First read bout them here and when I finally bought, I couldn't stop shoving them into my mouth.

The bottom four are all salted caramel, the red one is red rose (I think, can't remember), green is mint, black is licorice and the last one is vanilla. Luv them all, and the cool black box too!

Coming up soon ... Dinner at Jamie Oliver's new joint, sleeping (and eating) in the world's most haunted city and a meal that had me saying "don't narc on me!" <^;^>


Lin said...

OMG!! I read about them macaroons on Pinkpau's blog & I've been dying to try them! They look yummy too! You're so lucky!! >.<

Richard said...

I remember b talking about macaroons.

One thing I am missing in Madrid is multi-culturism. It is very rare to hear a language other than Spanish. It is uncommon to see anything other than whites or Latinos.

One of the things I always liked about Ottawa and Montreal was how multicultural they were.

The other interesting thing on Madrid is that while there aren't really any North American style fat people, there are really a lot of overweight and out of shape people here.

I guess you didn't make it to the Forbidden Planet store in London (mind you, I haven't been there since I was a kid, so I have no concept of how large or small the actual city is - of course, my idea of small tends to differ from most. I find MAdrid to be quite small, about 20km in diameter. I live on the outskirts and a 10k walk brings me to the centre, but there are tons and tons of shops and bars and restaurants everywhere, so the walk is always interesting. Not too impressed with the food though. Had some good lamb, Chinese food tends to be really, really greasy - an eggroll I had tasted like a sponge soaked in oil - obviously the frying temperature was too low. Had nice Indian food the other day.)

Haven't bought a Dr Who book in ages. Used to buy ythe big hardcover ones (even have the cookbook)

Cavalock said...

Hi Lin, yah the macaroons were great! <^;^>

Richard, i was at Forbidden Planet(s), the one in Edinburgh and the one in London. Got the Dalek in Edinburgh. No Cybermen in both, hah!

imp said...

heh. yes. those are the macarons that my partner insisted on buying. UGH. made me go all the way to harrods to get them.

imp said...

oh, and yes. the red/pink one is rose. it's one of the good rose macarons around.

Cavalock said...

imp, Laduree has a store outside of harrods. Saw it, its facing a main road. Forgot the name of the road/street but am sure u can google it.

ice said...

I'm jealous! Haven't tried Laduree's, only Pierre Herme's.

Cavalock said...

ice, heard that's just as good too! heh

Girl Japan: April Marie said...

Isn't that true..... NYC is a melting pot as is London.. I honestly think that the English drink more tea, etc than sugar drinks? Why do you think they are more fit? I'm so curious?

As for Laduree.... I love their icon... the chandelier. and YUM and YUM, Macaroon.. I bet these put starbucks to shame!

Cavalock said...

April: well, i did see more than a few people jogging everyday on the streets. but i think they eat more or less the same as the americans.