Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cavalock and The Favourite Fudge

Oh, bout that last conversation bout work-life balance, all of us agreed that there is NONE of that here in Singapore. It's impossible to find that here.

OK, now back to more food stuff. The stay in Edinburgh was great. Weather was fine and foodwise, I got try, taste and fall in luv with a whole new bunch of stuff.

Fudge Kitchen. Incredible fudge, I finished a whole big slab of rum and raisin fudge almost all by myself. Must-buy if you like sweet stuff. Was never a big fudge fan until this, unfortunately they don't seem to have a shop in London.

You get to see them make the fudge and everything.

Now this just occurred to me, I'm thinking, if I had to choose between the fudge and these macaroons, I might just pick the fudge as the best sweet stuff of the trip. Really! Cos they are sweeter (duh!), cheaper (although I can't exactly remember how much right now), the flavours tend to be richer and you get to savour each mouthful all that longer! <^;^>

Well, it wasn't all food in the world's most haunted city. Dropped by this comic book store to two (yes, just two!) comic and sci-fi figures. A 6-inch Dalek figure from the Doctor Who series (almost impossible to find outside UK) and a small lead figure of Marvel villain Kingpin to complete my Marvel villain collection.


Richard said...

Good fudge is awesome! Mediocre fudge just tastes overly sweet.

Run & raisin sounds good. Like run & raisin ice cream too.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you are not in Japan? The fudge... this shop is in Singapore?

Cavalock said...

Richard: i have a tub of rum n raisin ice cream in my fridge right now! hah

April: nope, the fudge shop is in edinburgh. i was in the UK for 2 weeks. am back in singapore now.