Monday, October 19, 2009

Cavalock and The Oak Aged Beer

Alright, so we are still Edinburgh and here are two of the most memorable lunches I had over there.

First day in had us hanging out at Edinburgh castle and then lunch at Amber, a 'traditional Scottish restaurant' right outside the castle, next to the Scott Whisky Experience shop. Great place, friendly staff.

Go click on their 'menu' link. See each item is classified as 'Substantial', 'light but filling' or 'light'. I think that's a cool idea!

Anyway, was introduced there to my favourite drink for the entire trip. Innis & Gunn, oak aged beer! Tastes different from any other beer I ever tasted. Don't really know how to describe it, it's a little more malty I guess and fuller I think, well, its been over a week since I had it but I really liked it.

Good ol' Wiki says 'Innis & Gunn Original is brewed in Edinburgh before being matured in Bourbon barrels for 30 days and is then a further 47 days an a marrying tun, and so it is matured for 77 days in total. It is 6.6% alcohol by volume.'

I asked/googled and I don't think I can find the beer on sale here...

More mussels, this time with Islay whisky and spring onion sauce. Like I said, mussels has become a group favourite.

Lunch the next day was at The Shore Bar and Restaurant. Picked it out of a Frommer's guidebook. Came highly recommended.

I had more than a couple of fish and chips meal during my stay in the U.K., but the one at The Shore was the best.

The peachy keen dessert was pretty good too. Yums!!!

Next up, one more Edinburgh post before I head back to London and it's gonna be a spooky one. More spooks and less food!


Lin said...

Looking forward to reading your spooky post!! =D

Cavalock said...

thanks for dropping by! <^;^>

ice said...

Dessert looks so good! haha I can see you're mad about mussels. Should really give Brussel Sprouts a try then.

Cavalock said...

Come to think of it, i had some good desserts there but can't think of any that really stood out as 'great'.

Lin said...

hehe...i do drop by once in a while! ;) I try not to drop by when i'm craving for yummy food...LOL