Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cavalock At Jamie's Italian

One topic that kept coming up during the trip was the work-life balance in the U.K. compared to that back home. Shops and offices closing at 6pm, I think I can live with that. Spoke to folks who are working and living in London, the Singaporeans aren't all that eager to come back to our familiar 12 to 14 hour-work day.

Now wanna know where we had some of that conversation? Right here during Friday night dinner at Jamie's Italian at Canary Wharf. Place was packed and a little too dim for my liking but we managed to place a reservation, they only take reservations for groups of 8 or more. Yah, we were a pretty big group.

Not the best shots but like I said, it was pretty dark.

Ordered the marinated sardines to start with. Not too salty, just nice.

Had the crab spaghetti for the main. Most of the mains come in big or small servings, that's the big one. The pasta were kinda thick and tend to be a little sticky together but still very tasty and satisfying.

The tiramisu dessert wasn't as good as I had expected. A little too dry for me maybe cos most of the tiramisu here tend to be rather moist, and I think I prefer that. Plus a little too much orange zest for my liking.

And speaking of celebrity chefs, here's my best buy from the trip! Only six pounds (where's the pound symbol on my mac??)! Been eyeing it at Kinokuniya where it's going for like S$60.


red fir said...

Wow that's cheap! $13 is really a good buy. I should be seeing more recipes from you soon yah? =)

Cavalock said...

nah, kinda busy right now to cook anything. might write something bout that one of these days. <^;^>

Richard said...

I just thought it was the Japanese who worked such insane hours.

I have to confess, that those marinated sardines look a lot like pickled herring.

Cavalock said...

well, i guess it also depends on your industry. WAS in the advertising media industry, n i remember working 24-hour shift (if there's such a thing) during pitches.

yah, now that u mentioned it, it does look like picked herrings! hah

imp said...

love how cheap books are.

Cavalock said...

yup, n its also such a joy to see so many pple reading all the time.

Richard said...

In software, we certainly have those marathon work schedules. They are called "crunches". Mind you, it wouldn't be necessary if everyone would actually just write code that worked instead of waiting to shake out bugs during integration. Unless, of course, you are on a "death march" project - this is a project that has no chance of every being finished on time, so they just work you to death for several months.