Monday, August 20, 2018

Cavalock and The Hot Summer Observation

I was asked if I preferred the cold or hot weather in Tokyo. Well, I prefer visiting the city during summer cos you don't need to pack extra thick outfits and also there's lots more shopping to do in the summer! This year, there must have been a lemon surplus or something cos lemons were everywhere. Don't remember that much lemony items on sale past summers. We ate lemon desserts, drank lemonade, watched variety shows of women drinking booze with lemons, etc. (No, she does not take her clothes off after drinking that!)

Outdoor beer gardens are pretty common during summer too I guess. Although I can imagine them being around almost all year round except winter. There are definitely fewer trees along the streets of Tokyo compared to Singapore and maybe all that concrete is partly to blame for the raising temperature?

And of cos, what would Tokyo be without the queues. Summer exclusive releases! We saw queues for various kinds of new releases, from console games to limited edition streetware. No, we didn't join them. But if it was food, we probably would! Hah! However a certain queue caught my eye and and that was for the lottery. I assume there was a big upcoming lottery draw that weekend cos of the long snaking queue. After purchasing their lottery tickets, punters would ask for blessings at a little shrine right next to the lottery booth. That's something you don't see at your neighbourhood Singapore Pools outlet.

Another thing I noticed about Japan is you tend to notice more than a few elderly couples hanging out together, as in eating at restaurants, shopping, etc. Just them doing stuff together. I think that's great. I hardly see old couples doing that in Singapore. I mean, when you see old folks in restaurants, it's usually on weekends and with their kids and grandkids. Nothing wrong with any of that. Just something that got me thinking.


imp said...

if you permit me to sarcastically comment.... that old couples in SG are either at home looking after their numerous grandchildren and claim that they love it, or picking up cans and cardboard pieces somewhere as a good form exercise, or by the time they retire they become too ill to enjoy going out, or simply not being able to afford eating it...

or maybe i'm overthinking too, and that they just don't like the food because they can cook it better at home, or they just....don't like each other's company. o.O hurhurhurhur.

Cavalock said...

Hah, I kinda drew the same conclusions too but I thought it was just me being too cynical. ;)

imp said...