Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Cavalock and The Japanese Netflix Peek

Continuing our discovery of great Italian food in Japan, the Baker-at-Home and I finally made our way to the famous pizza joint Savoy in Roppongi, Tokyo. There have been numerous articles written about how authentic the Neapolitan pizzas are and top chefs from around the world have all raved about it. And it's cheap too! Only a mere 1.000 yen for an entire pizza meal. We got there bout 15 mins before they opened and stood in the blazing sun, first in line. I believe it's in a kinda swanky neighbourhood on account of all them embassies nearby including ours.

There are only two kinds of Neopolitan pizza to choose from, margarita or marinara, and about a dozen seats in this small and quaint pizzeria. Little counter seats surround a wood-fired oven and you get a front-row view of your pizza being made. We had one of each and they were absolutely hot and delicious. For that price, we will definitely drop by the next time we are ever in Tokyo.

One of the cool things about Netflix is that subscribers can watch the exclusive content of whatever country they are in. That is, if that country has Netflix to begin with. So while in Tokyo earlier this month, we saw a buncha Japanese Netflix programmes. No subtitles obviously and if you thinking of downloading them and then watch them back home, forget it cos while you may be able to download them, they won't work or play outside Japan.

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