Friday, August 17, 2018

Cavalock and The Return to The Snoopy Museum

This was a pretty tight Tokyo vacation so while there were many things we saw and wanted to do or eat or something, there just wasn't enough time or stomach space. These large jello cakes looked amazing. Unfortunately you had to buy the entire cake, not a slice. We also spotted a Luke's Lobster food truck right outside our hotel in Shinjuku, next to Shake Shack. Had our first Luke's Lobster back in 2015 and I gotta admit that there food truck parked right outside our hotel was mighty tempting.

This is one trip that I didn't drink as much as before. Dunno why really. Still had a couple of Highballs and beer but also quite a few green teas. So many different beers, so little time. There was an exhibition on prehistoric art in Japan in Ueno that looked interesting. That's something I would take a whole half-day off for.

And speaking of exhibitions, we did managed to visit the Snoopy Exhibition once more before they close for good next month. It was originally meant to be a two-year long exhibition anyway. Yah, we were there last year but I'm such a Snoopy Peanuts fan that this time we booked our tickets online before we left home. As a kid, me Mom would read the comic strips to me. Growing up, I thought moms reading to their kids were a commonplace thing, on account of me Mom and American movies and TV shows showing moms reading bedtime stories. But I digress. Had a great time at the Snoopy Museum and am grateful that I got to visit a childhood dream not once but twice.

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