Saturday, August 25, 2018

Cavalock and The Soba Tempura Revelation

Hands down, our favourite meal this Tokyo trip. Kyourakutei's tempura soba at Kagurazaka. This Michelin-starred restaurant was on our list of places to visit back in March but that place was closed when we dropped by the area. But we did stumble upon an award-winning beef Wagyu beef joint that time. Anyway, Kyourakutei was open when we reached the place around noon. Not a very big place, I guess you could even call it cozy especially with the slightly dim lighting. We got counter seats which is usually our preferred kinda seating at Japanese restaurants for the obvious reason of getting to see all them talented chefs at work.

The pictures may not do it justice but the tempura was fantastic. They were lightly fried and delightfully crisp. And sitting at the counter also allowed me to ogle at the meaty octopus one of the chefs was preparing, that naturally led us ordering some tasty octopus tempura. Notice how incredibly thin the fried batter that's around the three pieces of octopus meat below. Of cos, the soba was top notch as well and we managed to snap a pix of the soba being made right in front of the restaurant.

I have mentioned how convenient and better it is to shop in Japan than Singapore on more than one occasion. More choices, more exclusive stuff and much cheaper too. I have more or less stopped filling my wardrobe with anything bought in Singapore. It's summer in Tokyo and that means the stuff on sale are usually just right for our hot weather. Breezy shirts, light pants and cool t-shirts. Besides the usual suspects from BEAMS this trip, I grabbed a pair of Japan made shoes! Oh, and socks too. I bought a ton of socks, from Japanese brand Tabio. Best socks ever!

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