Friday, August 18, 2017

Cavalock and Marina Barrage Shoot-Out

So while we were in Tokyo for a week, me 83-year-old Dad was still roaming across the island snapping thousands (yes, thousands) of wildlife pix last month. Figured I would share a few of them here, the ones he took at the Marina Barrage. A little shameless plug, don't forget to pick up me Dad's photo book on the local bird scene, Taking Flight at Kinokuniya! :)

No, I'm not going into another rant bout how terrible the shopping experience is at home compared to the excellent service one gets in Japan. I know I did that before, and also bout how cheap things are over there. It does get tiresome. But shopping in Japan is always such a positive experience. At Tokyu Hands Shinjuku, I finally found the Startts bag that I have been looking for. Ain't every day you find a good and inexpensive handmade bag from Japan. Man, I could spend an entire day at Tokyu Hands and still, that wouldn't be enough. So many things we'll unlikely see anywhere else outside of Japan.

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