Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Cavalock and The Social Influencer Dissolution

Hey look! They are opening a famous Luke's Lobster right in your neighbourhood!!! How cool is this?!? Annnnnnd.... this is why I can never be a social influencer. Well, in case you haven't figured it out yet, I was just yanking yer chain. That's not a picture fro Singapore. The kinda prank that I sometimes pull on me Facebook. Posted the picture below on me Facebook with a caption bout Luke's Lobster opening here 'cept I don't say where 'here' is.

I don't post my travels on Facebook except maybe for little pranks like these where I'll show a picture and pretend it's in Singapore. Since I don't feel the need to tell the whole freakin' world I'm outta the country, no one knows. Hah! No, I don't reply to them posts either. And so ends my dream of being a social influencer or food blogger, gone are any hope for meal freebies coming my way. <^;^>

This Luke's Lobster shop was taken in Aoyama in Tokyo and I think it's either opening soon or just closed. Anyway, other things I saw worth a mention. Horse chips! They taste OK, no big deal. One of those things that you just gotta try when you see it, know wat I mean?

This new Haagen-Dazs coconut ice-cream bar is a real treat for coconut lovers. Worth a shot if you are heading to Japan this summer. I guess if in a country with so much seasonal goodies, you can expect exciting flavours almost every other month.

No, this here below is not a honey-flavoured snack. Do not eat this. I love how just about almost everything in Japan can have a cutesy mascot attached to it. 

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