Monday, August 28, 2017

Cavalock and The Japanese Beer Bonanza

This is why I constantly remind myself why I quit the rat race and to take whatever free time I have to do the things I like. I was in full caregiver mode again as my Dad got hurt while taking wildlife pix. Don't waste the limited free time I have. Just go do the things you take the most joy out of. Anyway this personal blog is supposed to be bout the things I like, the happy experiences and not all doom and gloom.

Last weekend's hearty breakfast at a friend's estate was something our friends were looking forward to as they had requested for the appearance for our Japanese Balmuda Toaster. We lugged the coveted toaster down to Holland Road and everyone got together for some pretty awesome home-cooked steaks, eggs and toast. Always fun to share a meal with friends that appreciate good food.

Now here's something I didn't expect to see in Cold Storage supermarket last week. Cans of Japanese beer that I don't recall seeing anywhere else, like organic beer and even upside-down cans of beer. Pretty neat selection.


imp said...

Happy Birthday you! To good eats and beer. And boardgame fun!

Cavalock said...

Thanks Imp! Got a birthday post coming up!