Monday, September 11, 2017

Cavalock and The Possible, Maybe, Not Maybe Lifestyle Change

You know you are really getting old when you spend your birthday morning sweating it out at the gym. I was told that I needed more protein in my diet and that I am sorely lacking in skeletal mass while putting a wee bit more percentage body fat than I should. Nah, me hitting the gym has got nothing to do with the government's present health agenda. It's more like accounts of guys younger and seemingly healthier than me dropping dead for no apparent reason.

I have been grabbing my meals at places like Daily Cut and Real Food now. I mean I used to but a little more frequent now since my gym gets me a 10% discount at Daily Cut and Real Food's South Beach joint is pretty near my apartment. Sometimes if I finished my gym and it's too early for dinner, I would just grab two soft-boiled eggs from the nearest kopi tiam. That's supposed to be good right?

But if you think I'm on an all-healthy diet, HAH! Guess again! Here's Saturday's lunch at The Bird over at Marina Bay Sands. Been pretty eager to check out the place since I heard bout it couple weeks ago even though I wasn't exactly in the mood for fried chicken. Had the smoked beef brisket sandwich which was good but it could certainly do with bit more beef between the ciabatta bread. The potato and grits just reminded me so much of our local Malay bergedil patty which isn't a bad thing ... just that it does remind me of it. Friends who had the fried chicken said it was all right and that it reminded them of the Colonel's original recipe chicken.

What else do old folks do on their birthdays? Build Lego sets of cos. Got my hands on the long-awaited Old Fishing Shop. An absolute delight to build, I'm taking my time with this one. I'll be posting random shots of it on my Lego Instagram account, ultron8.


imp said...

never order the crab cakes at The Bird hor. They're one of the worst around.

So what Gym classes have caught your interest? :P

Cavalock said...

Lol, ok. Will avoid the crab cake if i'm ever back there.

No classes yet. Got a trainer instead to get me started. Am not young anymore but I'll probably try yoga once I feel more confident.

imp said...

Ooooh. Nice. Happy gym-ming!