Friday, March 23, 2018

Cavalock and The Japanese Italian Connection

Ciao! Wasn't expecting to be digging into this much Italian food while in Japan but I did. And one was from a fast food joint too! I read good things online bout MOS Burger's "limited release" Pizza Burger and figured we'll give it a try. Was our first meal in Hokkaido at New Chitose Airport when we touched down around lunchtime and we really enjoyed it.

For starters, the chewy pizza dough buns are great and possess the texture you would expect from ... well, an actual pizza. If you close your eyes, the mozzarella cheese and fresh basil are good enough to make you believe you are actually eating a pizza. Hah! Fingers crossed if we'll ever see it here.

It was gently snowing one night in Sapporo as we were searching for dinner after shopping near our hotel at JR Sapporo station. One of us wanted Italian and I remembered spotting an Italian restaurant nearby on Google Maps, Salvatore Cuomo. We walked past the place and it was packed! Fortunately they got us the counter seats which we thought were like already the best seats around cos we got to see the kitchen at work.

We shared the grilled meat, all perfectly done. I believe that's 250g of glorious Japanese meat right there. We also had the small but delicious margherita pizza that was prepared and shoved into the oven right before our eyes.

Now we have hung out at crowded izakayas numerous times before but I think this is the first time we had dinner and drinks at a boisterous western restaurant in Japan. Having the corner counter seats allowed us to kinda observed the busy kitchen as well as some of the patrons. Heh, always fun to people watch.

Oh, we also made plans to check out the famous Savoy pizza joint when in Tokyo later (Spoiler alert!) but there just wasn't time this trip. Oh wait, but then we are talking bout the country that gave us gems like the Mario Brothers, of cos they know how to do a great Italian! Am I right?

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