Saturday, September 08, 2007

"Who wants to be my pastry lab rat"

*Ouch* what a way to start my birthday. Bit my lip durig breakfast. Been doing some thinking last couplea days.

One good thing (and so far it’s the only thing) bout knowing you’ll be out of a job soon is making plans on what to do with all that upcoming free time. It’s different from taking vacation time from work, cos with that it’s usually traveling or chilling out at home and doing next to nothing.

To be honest, I do have enough chores to do around not one, not two but three apartments. My own, my folk’s and the another old apartment where we used to stay together, before we all moved out. Seriously, it would take at least a whole month to spring clean them all.

Then there’s also the urge of doing some more baking, been itching to do that again but just too tired on weekdays after work, and on weekends I just wanna rest, play games and eat my comfort food. Maybe now, we’ll see. So who wants to be my pastry lab rat?

Someone did suggest taking Japanese or Spanish lessons. One of those intensive day classes, like 3 or more days a week in the morning or something like that I think. Also need to catch up on all those DVDs, new games like this with great reviews and been dying to try it, work out, hit the library for books, meet-up with old friends and stuff like that. Of cos, I'll be looking for job and all that too.

Anyway, back to my birthday. Here's what I had for lunch. Made it to Pasta de Waraku in the afternoon and it was already pretty full at 12.30pm. Had the Hokkaido Crab in Wufu Cream Sauce and the Choco-Banana Pudding for dessert. Figured since I won't be heading to Hokkaido this year of the job(less) situation, why not have it now? Hah! Not as great as it looks but still, I was satisfied. The place was quite small and not in a cosy way. Bad acoustics maybe? The noise, people talking really loud, it all kinda seems trapped in there.
Speaking of people talking, we had a very interesting conversation with our American expat in the office the other day. Was bout dating habits here and the West. The American was quite suprised when we locals told him that it's NOT normal for us (Asians) to hold hands on a first date, let alone make out. He said it's perfectly normal for folks back home in the US to do all that on a first date. So I said, if I dated a girl there and I really like her but I don't make a move on the first date, she'll think I'm not interested, right?


Anonymous said...

aww Happy Birthday Cavalock-chan!!!!!!
what yummy looking foods :)
i hope u had a great day.
as for Hokkaido, i cant get along with ppl in the north. they are soo different compared to southern jp ppl. so why dont u forget it!
i think holding hand on first date is okay in jp.
happy sunday!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday dude!

hahah. i wouldn't hold hands on a first date. naaah. first dates to me are so casual that it's like going out with a new friend. nothing special abt that.

AVIANA said...

happy birthday!

yeah.i'm the american girl here...

you should make a move to show you are interested but it should be something slight...holding hands and giving her a kiss is great....but if you go too far, yeah it will be seen the wrong way but again it depends on the girl....

yeah if a guy didn't try to hold my hand or something i would start thinking this guy is not interested...but you have to feel the girl out...she may see it otherwise...

B said...

Happy birthday, Cavalock!! I hope the year ahead brings you much happiness and fulfillment.

As far as first dates go, I would be very turned off if a guy tried to hold my hand. But I'm 30 now...I've been to the puppet show and have seen the strings, if you know what I mean. I think genuine interest can be mutally felt on a first date without holding hands or making out.

P.S. I'll be your pastry lab rat!

Cavalock said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!!!

well, as for the hand-holding thing, yah, i guess hand-holding on a first date is ok, if both already established some kinda 'serious connection' before their first date.

the American guy did expand on his reasoning. For two people to go on a first date, there was to be already a physical attraction of sorts. So it is only logical that one would expect some kinda physical contact during the date. I mean, you wouldn't ask someone on a first date if u weren't physically attracted to him or her, right?

Richard said...

Happy belated birthday!

I can't help you with dating - because I don't have a clue about it. As far as I am concerned the only woman I ever dated was my wife - however, this does not mean I never went out with other women (I probably have gone out with women of more races and cultures than most guys).

Anonymous said...

i saw a lot of men holding hands together and walking in thailand and india.
it seems they are not physically attracted. kinda close firend's happy walking.
so u have to hold my hand when u come to japan :)

Coffee Fairy v1 said...

hey, belated happy birthday cavalock! :)

Cavalock said...

Richard: thanks man! nah, wasn't looking for any dating advice, just my observations.

niki: u r right! a lot of the male indian workers here in singapore do hold hands!

coffee fairy: thanks! ;)