Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Sway with me"

Another earthquake struck Indonesia last evening and we felt it here again in Singapore just like earlier this year. Well, I didn’t feel anything this time cos it was in the evening about 7pm and I was outdoors, on my way home. Got a call from my folks bout it at around 8pm when I was already home alone eating my MOS cheeseburger.

Now the one I felt was this morning at bout 8am while having breakfast. The ceiling lamp moved, the water in the pitcher moved, the rows of t-shirts on the moved. Same nauseous feeling like the last time. All that was missing of the Pussycat Dolls doing "Sway with me" in the background.

First thought, should I change out of my boxers and old Army t-shirt and into my work clothes and immediately leave for work or should I just continue eating my breakfast?

Second thought, can I use this as an excuse to call in sick?

I was calm but I got a little worried cos the tremors lasted more than a couple of minutes.

Anyway, tremor no. 2 for the day hit us at about 11.30am in the office. By now, almost everyone was pretty much immune to it.

I also bought a mango swiss roll from the famous "Rich and Good Cake Shop" along Kandahar Street yesterday. It was the last mango roll in the fridge, at S$12 for about a foot long. Also bought two kaya swiss rolls for everyone in the office. As you can see, there are little sweet chunks of mango in there, it is as good as it looks.


Anonymous said...

Hello Cavalock!

Happy belated birthday! May you learn more about yourself and about life this coming year.

Strangely enough, I didn't feel any of the tremors that happened...looks like I'm really oblivious to my surroundings.

The cake looks really good! You seem to know a lot of good places to you go around exploring singapore?


Anonymous said...

yaay another yummy food pic!
we dont have that kind in jp. soo envy :)
about quake, i donno wat to say.
its sooo common in here.
im praying for ur safety, cavalock-chan!!

AVIANA said...

hello there,

i don't know people like you do it...i could never live in a place where earthquakes are prevalent..there's no warning that it's coming!

the fact that you guys can be immune to it at work is amazing....

anyhow, have a nice weekend!

Richard said...

Oh, wow! A mango swiss roll must be awesome.

Yeah, I wondered how the earthquake affected you guys. It was on the news here (apparently the largest earthquake this - even topping the one in Peru a few weeks earlier).

I once felt a minor tremor while in Peru. I thought it was a truck rumbling down the street and the people were just running to get out of the way.

But, I am glad you are safe.

Anonymous said...

i never felt any of those tremors!

keep hearing about this shop. think i shall pop right down to grab some stuff too! your pic looks so yummy.

Cavalock said...

geri: hey there! thanks for the birthday wishes! nah, i don't go exploring much. just happen to be at the right place, at the right time. heh

niki: hah...thaanks, i'm ok. kinda immune to the aftershocks.

aviana: well, right now its just the aftershocks that are shaking people up around here. u have a nice wkend too!

richard: hey, thanks for the all earlier comments! ;) yah, the mango swiss roll was good.

imp: u guys should have lunch there too, then go grab the rolls after. i think its closed on wkends.

Anonymous said...

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