Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Cavalock and The Revenge of The Lockdown Nerds

So I'm thinking this whole global lockdown situation is kinda like a real-life Revenge of the Nerds. Y'know that old classic comedy movie from the 80s bout college nerds getting bullied by the nasty sports jocks. Today it's not about college but you got the nerds who are more or less 'equipped' to handle the lockdown cos they got their books, games and hobbies as well as other forms of indoor entertainment to keep them occupied. While the nasty jocks are all moaning and groaning bout all their precious sports events being cancelled and their bars closing. Geddit?

Anyway here's another home-cooked meal for the Lockdown photo album. The Baker-at-Home made some dashi rice with salmon the other day. An excellent recreation of one of our favourite Tokyo meals. A really lovely meal. It's usually our last breakfast at Narita Airport before taking the morning flight back. For creatures of habit like us, it's almost ritualistic if you ask me. Hah!

In my last post, I showed the big big box of miniatures that I bought. Here's what I managed to build over the weekend. Wasn't an easy paint job even though it wasn't the first time I was painting this  creature. But it was incredibly satisfying to hold that fully painted miniature in my hand. Painted another similar figure couple months ago. I could just field one but I wanted to field two of them in the game I'm playing Age of Sigmar, or at least hope to continue playing once the Lockdown ends.


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