Monday, May 18, 2020

Cavalock and The Curse of The Buzzless Booze

It took a Lockdown and a worldwide pandemic to make me finally take a swill of alcohol-free beer. And while it definitely wasn't the best thing I ever drank, it wasn't as vile as I thought it would be. It tastes kinda like beer with the added bitterness and all that, but minus the subsequent buzz which is the whole highlight for me. Man, that is some weird shit! Now the only reason I drank the alcohol-free beer was cos it came free with the food I ordered online. I can't understand why would anyone pay that much money for alcohol-free beer in the first place. What freakin' purpose does alcohol-free beer serve in the grand food chain of life? I mean, if you want an alcohol-free drink, there's a gazillion other cheaper and better-tasting ones out there.

Yah, so we are all still in Lockdown mode and the Baker-at-Home has been cooking up a storm. But we still got to order out and we had dinner from Mustard Seed two weeks in a row. Thank gawd we also had some really great REAL beer and sake with our orders. The Baker-at-Home camped at the iMac just before 10am and managed to book a totally awesome weekend dinner. Good hearty restaurant food that reminds you of home.


imp said...

oof! either i do those bottled juices with soda, or just do actual beer. Been gravitating towards light pilsners and summer ales. The weather's been way too hot to drink anything else.

Cavalock said...

I like me some cider, preferably without soda.