Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"5 hours of Martha Stewart"

Goodbye Soundtrack Channel, hello History Channel!

I am so seriously into the History Channel and the Crime and Investigation Channel right now. My love affair with history revolves around ancient history and with a major hard on for the late 19th century right up to WWII. Really, I’m always like spellbound by them old black and white footage! Usually after watching an episode, I’ll go read up bout it more in Wiki. When I was a kid, I bought tons of hardcover history books that were going like really cheap at Popular (that’s the shop's name) bookstores, and weekly/monthly WWII military magazines. I still got some of the books but the magazines are long gone now. Caught the 2-hour documentary, Last Secrets of the Axis over the weekend, that was really something.

The Crime and Investigation Channel is almost like the History Channel cept its all bout the history of crime in the 20th century, well, at least that’s how I see it. Lots of cool old footage too! Hah. I saw Gangbusters last week, which was bout the heroin trade in the US, how it started waaay back in the late 19th century with the Tongs in Chinatown.

And with the Tivo-like features, 60 hours of recording time I believe, I been doing lots of taping too. It’s amazing how I can go through 5 hours of Martha Stewart in bout an hour! After taping the weekday episodes, I simply fast forward past all the non-food demos and yakking-with-the-guests segments, and just watch the baking/cooking ones! Hah!

I’m also a sucker for old movies. Taped Peter Lorre’s Beast with Five Fingers the other nite but have yet to watch it. And of cos, I still need my regular sitcoms like The Office, Two and A Half Men, How I Met Your Mother and The Simpsons.


Anonymous said...

nice to know how uve been doing..
martha stewart lol
i love WWII films, espclly kamikaze.
military books are good too!
did u say u were in the military before? how was it?

imp said...

look for reaper, pushing daisies and journeyman. ummm....gotta be online i think. quite fun.

Richard said...

I am not really big on history, except how it relates to human thought or philosophy and science.

So watching (or reading) about battles is not my idea of fun.

On the other hand, I do have friends who simply chow down on history the way I do on science.

I've never watched any Martha Stewart, so I am not sure if 5 hours is pain or pleasure.

Anonymous said...


Cavalock said...

niki: well, i had some good times and some bad times in my army daze. ;)

imp: alright...will look for them when i have the chance. thanks

richard: well, the history of Nazi Germany offers a great insight into human thought n philosophy.
5 hours of Martha isn't so bad if u can fast forward the boring bits like i do.

Anonymous said...

cool! plz send me ur pic in army uniform. muahhhhx

AVIANA said...

hey there....

i would love tivo but i heard it's not that great...

tivo would work for people like me who don't watch much tv but i heard there are lots of problems..

Anonymous said...

cavalock its been 10 days!
so wat else have u been up to? :P