Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Just background music"

I was tagged a meme by b but I been a little too busy job hunting to sit down, think bout it and write something bout it. Sorry bout that b!

Let’s see, the stuff I been listening to … hmmm … been going slow rock lately. Hysteria from Def Leppard. Some Aerosmith numbers. Then there was that nite when I was doing my PowerPoint portfolio, I remember listening to the Grease soundtrack as always. Some Hans Zimmer soundtracks too. In the office’s itunes network, there’s Good Charlotte, Latino heat courtesy of Tito Puente and a couple of anime soundtracks. It's just the background music. something familiar that I need while I write.

Now that I got some free time on my hands, had a talk with my folks and I’ll be renting out our old vacant apartment. It’s a 3-bedroom apartment in the Novena/Newton area, near town. Since we all moved out a couple of years ago, its been empty and well, kinda neglected. So starting later this month, I’ll be meeting up with aircon guys, contractors, painters etc. Set aside about 20 grand for the whole thing.

That's part of the living room and the one below is the kitchen. Ok. I am pretty excited, in a way, bout being a landlord and all. Guess I’ll be talking to a real estate agent or a lawyer to get the legal stuff outta the way. But I'll still be looking for a regular job too!


Anonymous said...

very nice apartment!!
3 bed rooms? wooow
glad u are doing well, cavachan.
remembering that my first blog friend was a real estate agent in singapore :D

B said...

No apology necessary on the meme. It's just a meme and I never take it personally when someone doesn't do it! Besides, you have so much going on!!

So, what do you plan on doing to the apartment before renting it out? That does sound like an engaging project. I hope you enjoy it and will post some pics up as the work progresses.

I hope things are going well on the job front. As always, sending you my best thoughts!

PinkHippo said...

3 bed rooms apartment near Novena/Newton area??? Hmmmm expensive area ... You are going to have good rental income... lol

Anonymous said...

woow is it soooo? :O
u are tagged cavalock!
plz check my blog. thankeeee!

Richard said...

It looks so disappointingly Western :(

Somehow, I was hoping it migh tbe even slightly exotic.

Cavalock said...

niki: hi, i'll be working on that tag next!

b: well, i'll be fixing up the place (new air cons, lights etc.)but am not gonna furnish it with furniture.

hippo: i hope so! ;)

richard: is empty, how could it look western? gee, i hope u don't think most Asians still live in tree huts or vllages? haha

Coffee Fairy v1 said...

hey hey hey! nice unit you got there! how much are you renting it for? we've just renewed our lease and was able to negotiate to bring down the 100% rent increase to 55%. It's still crazy though!

Cavalock said...

coffee fairy: yah, I know bout all the crazy prices right now. I thought bout it n I figured I wouldn’t charge at some crazy price. I wanna see how much the whole reno deal is gonna cost me first. The place doesn’t have any facilities like pool or tennis courts though so I guess the rent shouldn’t be that ex.

Anonymous said...

well it looks tropical & cool!
thanks million for taking that tag!

Richard said...

cavalock wrote: gee, i hope u don't think most Asians still live in tree huts or vllages?

I am not THAT ignorant a Westerner :P

To be honest, it was more the kitchen. The hardwood cabinet (or faux veneer, whatever the case may be). The sink and kitchen counter. I don't know what I was expecting (but I was pretty sure it was not mud huts with straw roofs). Even my mother-in-laws place in Peru looks somewhat non-Western. The house is entirely made of cement and so is everything in teh kitchen - the sink, the cupboards, the counter top.

I suppose I was hoping the kitchen cabinets wouldn't look exactly like the ones I could buy at my local home builder.

Unfortunately, this is a consequence of globalization.

I noticed that back in June when I was driving down to my brother's wedding (about 700Km). Evey town we passed looked like a carbon copy clone of one another. You had the same big box stores, the same "parking lot" style malls. It was depressing. What ever happened to travelling and discovering that unique little store?