Monday, October 22, 2007

"Better than sweaty palms"

Ah, here’s another meme I got! Niki tagged me with a pretty interesting one here.

Five things in my bag. Well, I have a weekend bag and an old weekday backpack that I carry to work, I’ll go with the backpack for this one.

• My keypouch/coin pouch.
• 1G thumbdrive with my portfolio
• Digital camera
• Glasses for watching movies
• My pass for getting into the office

Five things in my wallet. Opps, I don’t carry a wallet. I got a money clip and a card holder. Think I’ll just go with the card holder for this one.

• Bus and subway card
• ATM card
• ID
• Kinokuniya member/discount card
• Pokka member/discount card

Five things in my room. Again, I got my computer/study room with my computer, beanbag and action figure displays. And then there’s my bedroom. Since I don’t wanna geek out bout my action figure collection, I’ll go with the bedroom.

• Little bottle of Tea Tree Oil. Swear to Gawd, it's some miracle oil, takes care of almost anything from mozzy bites to my occasional sinus
• Tube of handcream cos I get dry hands sometimes (hey, its better than sweaty palms!)
• Coaster on my bedside table for my drinks
• Currently reading World War Hulk: Gamma Files
• Bunch of ‘Do Not Disturb’ and morning breakfast menu door handlers that I took from hotels during my travels, hanging on my bedroom doorknob. Man, those breakfast menus really look good on a weekend morning!


Anonymous said...

this post is hilarious!!
maybe they should hang ‘Do Not Steal’ door handlers for u lol
how could u steal breakfast menus?? they are big huh?
thanks and have a good dream cavalock!

Richard said...

I don't carry a wallet either, nor to I have a money clip or cardholder - things just get stuffed into my pockets. Believe it or not, there are days I am like Columbo patting down my pockets trying to find something. Although, most times, I put things in the same pockets. Sofia keeps wanting to get me a wallet so I can carry around a picture of her and the kids, but I don't want one. Same goes for a watch and cell phone.

Yep, I carry my camera around with me most times. Sometimes I feel guilty for not stopping to take more pictures. And when I do stop, I wonder if I am being peculiar. I need to cultivate a tourist mentality.

AVIANA said...

Hi there,

thanks for passing by...nice to get to know you a little better

i guess you got it like that since you don't carry a wallet...

B said...

Yeah, I can imagine waking up and wanting to order room service with those breakfast menus! How great would that be? Room service in your very own bedroom?! :)

Anonymous said...

when is next food post? :D

Anonymous said...


I think you know who I am. Stumbled
across your page when I was surfing.
Was wondering whether it is the
person I knew, read through
and found articles on comics, food
and drinks. Yup! that is you!

Very well written and nice photos!

Cavalock said...

Matt: If u know what a Big G and a Big M are, then i am the man!

Anonymous said...

Just to give you a clearer picture
of who am I, I remember when we
were studying you used to buy comics at
the Indian shop at the MacRitchie bus stop :)

Cavalock said...

Hah! Get on Facebook so we can start gaming together!

Call me if u forgot what Big G/Big M is all about….bwah hahaha...stop writing here n call me!

Good thing u found this now…was actually thinking of shutting it down round end of the year…