Saturday, October 06, 2007

"Take the piss out of it"

Geez ... it's a Saturday nite and I'm at home? Oh yah! This pretty much sums up how I feel since losing my job ... heh ... that is the complete pix. You gotta admit, it looks cool and it does mean something to me as in it's how I feel right now. Even though it feels like I got a broadsword running through me, I am still trying to take the piss out of it, with a smirk or two.


PinkHippo said...

Stay cool, just like the picture... "Having a broadsword running through you but you can still whistle"

Good luck and hope you be able to find a job that you like soonest. :)

Anonymous said...

cavalock lololol
oh plz dont use that word piss!
makes me feel like going to bathroom.
my bro is into creative job and he became freelance for a couple years.
and got back to company job later.
i think it is a good opportunity to make ur own way.
all the best!! take care :)

AVIANA said...

awww that sucks...sorry what are you doing now...are you job hunting?

Cavalock said...

well guys, i do have some little plans lined up while i'm job hunting. Might write bout them one of these days. ;)

Anonymous said...