Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Those were the days before email"

Was back at the old empty apartment clearing my stuff that’s been there for like, over a year. Just been too lazy to move them out but now, I gotta do it since meeting the contractor and real estate agent.

Here’s an old stack of letters from long lost friends, relatives, forgotten ex-girlfriends and old colleagues. Ahh … those were the days before email! It’s a strange feeling reading love letters from people who obviously don’t feel the same way they did when they first wrote them. I threw all of them out, keeping only some letters from my relatives. Like I said, you read those old love letters and you can’t wait to get rid of them, not because you feel mad or anything like that. But I just see no point in keeping them and I do have to clear stuff out, so really what’s the point of bringing all back to my apartment?

My old fencing gear and archery stuff are all still there. I’ll be keeping the mask and the arrows (strictly for sentimental reasons) but throwing away the other stuff. Other 'junk' I found, 5 broken old Swatches in the drawer, lots of trading cards and movie postcards.


Anonymous said...

i wanted to read the love letters lol
was there any good phrase which struck boy's heart??

Richard said...

I wouldn't have thrown them out. I have kept all the letters and e-mails I have ever written or received.

I always like to go back and reread them (whenever I stumble across them). Right now I don't know were all my old letters are (no love letters, sorry). Maybe Sofia got rid of them. She says I keep too much junk.

Anonymous said...

Happy Deepavali!!

Ally said...

hey iw as just thinking i have too many old letters in my drawer that needs cleaning out!
gawd knows who have written what back when i was still in my geeky braces and mushroomy hair.

B said...

I don't think I have kept many love letters. I think I do have a few birthday or christmas cards from exes but that's it and I think they are in a small box that I haven't gone through in so long. I also think that the men I've dated typically do not write love letters!

A couple of years ago I was moving and when I picked up a book, a letter fell out that my ex-husband had written to me. He was apologizing for some behavior of his and told me that he could never be without me, etc., etc. I think I did keep that letter. Obviously, the marriage didn't last but for some reason that handwritten letter seems powerful to me and I put it away someplace.

Cavalock said...

niki: hmmm...can't recall any phrase worth remembering...

richard: all the emails!?! haha...how much memory is that?

queen: miss yr stories!!

b: yah, know wat u mean.

Richard said...

Believe it or not, all under 1 gig and this goes back 11 years or so.

We mostly avoid big attachments.

I don't keep the SPAM.