Saturday, April 22, 2006

Dessert Of The Week

Finally managed to explore the new or rather renovated Marina Square shopping mall. A friend told me about this new Japanese dessert restaurant there called Azabusabo.

They have regular Jap food as well but it's their sweets, Hokkaido ice cream and other cold desserts that are their specialities. Ordered the green tea ice cream with red beans and little rice dumplings for S$6.50. I didn't have a camera with me but I managed to find a pix of it on their web page. It's the bottom left dish in the main pix. And yah, they are a chain from Japan. It's was very sweet and yummy! The rice dumplings weren't too hard like some other places and the red bean paste was just the right texture, not too thick or thin.

Also had the hot Milk Tea (S$3.50) which also turned out very well. Milk Tea or Royal Milk Tea is a pretty common drink in Japan and is something I always have when I'm there. In fact I brought back several boxes of it when I came back.

So what's a food write-up without a food pix? Managed to dig this one up from my last trip to guess where! That's Green Tea Ice Cream and Vanilla with Red Bean Pastefrom Haagen Dass! So good you can't stop at one. Why won't they bring it here?!?


Kay said...

Mmm...yumm yumm...Haagen Daaz ice-cream is a favourite witheveryone, no matter wat flavour...slurpp

Prince Romp said...

What I can see, you fancy alot about Japanese products..

Wonder if you like the girls in kimono too?

Prince Romp said...

Arigato Gozaimas...hait.
Cav...update ur blog pls.

Unknown said...

hiya, tks for dropping a note... & reading your blog sure took my mind off the disaster.

oh btw, there are three wonderful stuff i've discovered here: you write darn well, you are a foodie and *smile*!

Cavalock said...

Thanks everyone for dropping by! Just been super busy at work...