Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Food Pyramid

Back from a quick weekday Isetan supermarket trip. Look what I got on offer! it's a coupon thing for Isetan credit card members, 2 tubs for only S$17 and maximum 6 tubs per coupon. The expiry dates are like, next year so I figured why not? Anyway, the supermarket is pretty neat cos they'll give you free packs of ice when you buy frozen stuff, so your stuff won't melt or anything like that. Wish the other supermarkets would do that.

Hmmm...hold on to your hats folks, cos there's a chance that within the next 72 hours (as I write this), there might be a repeat of this coming my way.


Coffee Fairy v1 said...

Ice cream!!! Yummy!!! =P

Thanks for spending some time here in my blog. I've browsed thru your blogs and I enjoyed reading them. I think I might have another addition to my blog favorites... =)

imp said...

gosh. i'm getting this idea that if i open your fridge,all i see will be tubs and tubs of ice cream!!!

Kay said...

I've never seen a guy so into ice cream before...this is my 1st

At least ur not into weight watching...

And if the imp would see tubs of ice cream when she opens the fridge...i'll see a chubby guy when I open the door...hee

Not another driking session...i be prepared this time...hv fun

Richard said...

I guess you are one really cool dude.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

My do binge a lot on sweet stuff for a guy don you???

I am so unlike you geee....I am beginning to suspect I am really a boy hiding in a girl's body. I don't like sweet stuff, I don't like chocolates, I don't fancy shopping and I just not keen in doing the usual girly stuff that girls like to do.

I like computer gadgets, I love World of Warcraft, and I dig books and CDs.

Maybe u and I should just switch bodies and reduce the confusion for everyone huh?

Cavalock said...

Believe it or not, I have a…pretty high metabolic rate. At least that’s what I always say when pple ask how come I ain’t fat yet. Heh.

Richard: Say it louder! Say it like you mean it! Bwah-ahahah!

Elvina: I can write bout other stuff too but …hmmm…still not sure if that’s such a good idea. Yah, it ain’t gonna be a pretty sight. There’s a reason why I am or was a “Servant of Chaos”.

WOW? Milady, thou art on a PVE server aka ‘carebear’ server….would fair maiden care to join me on a PVP server? Here, we Hordes eat human priests for breakfast…really. Once before breakfast, I logged on like 7am and ambushed some humans on a quest. They didn’t know what hit them. 5 dead later and I went to make a sandwich a cup of tea for breakfast after that.