Sunday, April 08, 2007

"Toilet Bowl Muffins or the Tool Shed Brownies"

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! I was on a roll and the plan was to do more baking this weekend. But I had to bring some work back from the office and had a couple of other errands to run so I couldn't. Now why is it whenever I bring work back, there's gotta be something cool to watch on TV that nite? Just as I was about to start cracking on some copy on Saturday nite, I noticed that the MGM cable channel was showing that classic 70s murder mystery Dressed to Kill. I heard and read bout it but never saw it until last nite.

Anyway I wanted to try baking Martha Stewart's Kitchen Sink Cookies. Not to confused with her other recipes, the equally famous Toilet Bowl Muffins or the Tool Shed Brownies. Nah, I'm just kidding. So why pick this receipe? Cos a colleague passed me a Martha Stewart baking DVD and it looked sooooo easy when Martha Stewart was doing it.

Few of the cooking and baking books on my shelves but sure wish i have more time to actually try some of them out. Hey, it's my 99th post and I still dunno if I should do anything for my 100th.


imp said...

a thought just occurred to me.

where do all these lovely desserts go after you're done baking them?

surely u can't finish ALL of them by YOURSELF?

Anonymous said...

why dont u do that 100 things abt me lol

Richard said...

Hmmm ... does this mean there is no baking involved? Like freezer jam which requires no cooking?

Go with the 100 things about me. Or compose a 100 word post. Or talk about where you want to be in 100 years.

Ally said...

you gotta teach me how to bake dude...
but maybe teach me how not to be lazy first..haha

Cavalock said...

imp: well, i usually pass them to family. don't usually bring to office.

niki: gosh, i don't think i have that many interesting things to say. probably stuck before i hit 20. hah

richard: u still need to pop them in the oven.

queen: nah, its real easy. if a dumb guy like me can do it, anyone can! ;)

B said... do you like the "Cupcakes Galore" cookbook? I've been on such a cupcake streak. The last three weekends we've had family birthdays and I've made a variety of cupcakes which have gone over really well as an alternative to cake. I'd like to get a little more creative, so maybe I'll check that one out.

Yeah, you have to do something for your 100th post...although Richard's suggestion for "Where I want to be in 100 years" had me laughing.

sereneannabelle said...

ooooo i love baking. :)