Monday, April 30, 2007

"Four-leaved clover of tea leaves"

Besides my luv for royal milk tea, there's another kinda tea I'm nuts about and that's Irish Malt Tea. Unfortunately, the only place I know that has it is at the Rose Veranda at Shangri-La Hotel. Ithink Hyatt has it too when I was there a few years ago.

I always order a pot when I'm there. Yah, was on leave and had lunch/tea there on Monday just before May Day. It has the "aroma of Irish whiskey" and "a hint of cocoa and malty Assam tea". It's really great!

The bad thing is I can't find it anywhere else in the tea shops, other cafes, no one here sells them. Been looking for them for year. It's like the four-leaved clover of tea leaves for me! So if anyone knows where to get them here in Singapore, let me know. Thanks a million!


Richard said...

Over the years I lost the habit of drinking tea.

I used to drink with my mom when I was younger and lived at home.

When I moved out, I stopped. It just wasn't the same. Of course, Chinese friends always have tea (Chrysanthemum tea) out, but it is not the same as black tea. I am kind of partial to Darjeeling.

Although, nowadays, I prefer to drink mint tea. I can’t stand the flavoured teas or coffees - it is like drinking cheap perfume or cologne :-)

B said...

Of course, I cannot help in your search. But it sounds very good! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

no help here. there are so limited varieties of tea on sale. quite bad. order online?

Anonymous said...

soooo very cool!!
no wonder u are relative of royal family ;)
ive never seen it. love chinese jasmin tea!

Cavalock said...

Hey guys, thanks for the help anyway. ;)

Anonymous said...

Try the Burren Smokehouse web site; located in county Clare, Ireland, they advertise a malty Assam with chocolate flavor that sounds like what you describe.

Good luck!