Sunday, December 09, 2007

"Suit up"

So I was away for awhile to where else but Japan. Nope, it wasn't Tokyo cos there wasn't any tickets during that time (sorry Niki, wish I was there!) and neither was it Hokkaido. It was the city of Osaka where I spent a couple of days there.

Was real lucky the weather was sunny yet cool bout an average of 11C. Only time for me to, as Barney from 'How I Met Your Mother' would say, SUIT UP! And more importantly, to wear my buff! I call it my pirate hat. Nice to see those golden autumn maple leaves up close for once in my life. You know, you are not gonna believe this but there's actually an option for taking "autumn leaves" on my camera, yeah together with all the other weird features. But I only found out hours AFTER this shot. Well, it looks better on the tiny, teeny camera screen.

Food pix coming up next!


Anonymous said...

why didnt u tell me lol

imp said...

oh! the beautiful magic of autumn!

B said...

Gorgeous maple leaves. I love that your camera has an "autumn leaves" feature. Have you played around with it since discovering the feature?

It sounds like you had a nice trip. Looking forward to those food pics!

Cavalock said...

niki: well, i couldn't get any tickets to Tokyo and i figured i'll let u know if i do get to Tokyo instead.

imp: yah! can't get enough of that cool yet sunny weather.

b: no, i'm back home and there's no autumn leaves to snap here. ;(

Richard said...

I wonder if those camera settings actually do anything or they just make the photographer feel better?

You have to come to Canada to see the Fall colours. Every visitor I've spoken to about them in Canada, says the colours are more varied and vibrant here than in Europe or Asia. Although, now you would just be coming to a snowy wonderland.

Hmm ... does your camera have a setting for taking snow pictures?

I hope you got a chance to look at more than just one tree while over in Japan.

Anonymous said...

more pic coming up next??
these were cute pics of boy lol