Thursday, December 20, 2007

'Rhymes with prawn DVD shop'

Meanwhile back to my little Osaka trip, like I said, not much food this time and also, finding my way across the city was a little harder than I expected. For starters, there were definitely less directional signs, subway maps and menus in English compared to Tokyo.

I guess I did more exploring here, underground exploring actually. This is nice little dessert place right next to Osaka Station, near Daimaru. There are like about half a dozen different dessert stalls in there with all kinds of pastries, chocolates, cakes etc. As usual, top makes to all on presentation. Now, the first is a kinda little coffee cake. Not bad. The next dessert is my favorite, a slice of banoffee pie, you can see the banana pieces in there. It was heavenly.

Like all my trips to Japan, I did a lot of shopping too. Although this time, I didn't buy as much outfits as before as all of the shops were selling winter wear. What I did buy were lots of gifts for my ex-colleagues. And a pair of Evisu jeans for myself for a little less than S$200. Thanks to the marvels of vacuum-packing, I was able to pack all my thick clothes into my luggage, thus leaving me space for other stuff. I bought several (thick, heavy) Japanese magazines for them as well as lots of snacks and little cutesy stuff. The days were shorter and by 5pm, it was already all dark.

I went to Den Den Town, which is like 'geeksville' if you know what I mean. The stores along the street, well, it goes something like this ... toy shop, gadget shop, game shop, 'rhymes with prawn' DVD shop, toy shop, gadget shop, game shop, 'rhymes with prawn' DVD shop, rinse and repeat. And sometimes, it's all in one building! It's no wonder I'm trying to get guys here to go with me to Japan next time.


Anonymous said...

rymes w prawn???
oh that coffee cake looks yummy!!
i loooove coffee jello w creme too.
that is the prob of japan now, getting dark around 4:30pm.
i cant go photo shooting becoz night is so long lol
thanks very much for informative post cavachan!!

B said...

I'm with Niki...that coffee cake looks really good!! It sounds like a fun trip. I love hearing about your travels! :)

Anonymous said...

merry christmas mel-chan!!
muahhhh :D

Cavalock said...

niki: the top of me head, porn rhymes with prawn...;)

b: thanks for listening!

Richard said...

Kind of reminds me of Ste Catherine street here in Montreal. It is lined with lots of arcades (fewer now than in the past). Each arcade is associated with a peep show place and there is usually a strp club nearby. In the past (when I was a kid) they had big busty neon women advertising them. Not to mention all the posters around advertising prawn movies at the prawn theatres.

AVIANA said...

nice pics and the dessert looks great...

have a fun on new year's!

Cavalock said...

richard: well, its a lot more subtle here, no big ads or peep shows. just DVD shops.

aviana: u too!