Sunday, December 30, 2007

"I'll buy one if you'll buy one"

Wow! It's gonna be 2 years since this blog started... I gotta admit I am quite surprised by it all. It's been a great and unforgettable experience. The one main thing that I want to say/write right now is to say a big 'thank you' to anyone and everyone who has ever dropped by to read, leave comments and everything. I am honestly very, very grateful for your time. Have a great 2008!

I'm still giving out my movie postcards to anyone who wants them, just drop me an email with a mailing address and I'll mail a bunch of them to you, I'll take care of the postage. ;)

Thing bout the year-end holidays is you can always pretty much depend on a couple of things happening. It gets really, really windy as usual and I get the guys over for games just like before. We opened new games like the award-winning Zooloretto, Intrigue and Iliade. Other fun games we played were Ca$h and Gun$, Little Italy, Cheeky Monkey and Alhambra.

Oh yah, before I left for Osaka last month, I finally bought myself a Macbook! I was with my friend at the IT show and it was a case of 'I'll buy one if you'll buy one"... so he got one and I did too!

Which kinda led me to buying this while I was in Osaka. It's a memory card reader for the Macbook, thought it looks pretty cool. Strange that I couldn't find anything like this back home.


Anonymous said...

funny as always lol
i donno abt memory card reader. it looks cool cavalock.
i wish u a very happy new year 2008 with full of joy and success.

B said...

Happy New Year, Cavalock and Happy Anniversary with the blog! I am happy that you have enjoyed your blogging experience. I've enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know more about you. I hope that the year ahead brings you much happiness and fulfillment!

I love the Macbook!! :)

imp said...

woots! to a more gadgety 2008 dude.

Cavalock said...

niki: miss yr blog updates!

b: thanks b! i love my Macbook too!

imp: hell yeah!