Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New 2007

Two long nites of gaming can really wear out a guy. Had the gang over for board games (Beowolf, Railroad Tycoon, etc.) on Saturday nite, till like 3am. Slept at 4am. On New Year's eve the next nite, another group showed up and played till about 3am too.

Yah, its been a pretty gaming holiday for me ... (must remember only the good things!) ... well, would have played more if the damn Internet connection my World of Warcraft wasn't lagging all the time, and kept disconnecting me for like, 3 days in a row now.

Coming up next, The Burning Crusade. Mark my words, come Jan 16, men (and some women I guess) from all over the world will vanish from the streets, social committments will not be met, dates will be broken, well, you get the idea ...

But seriously, its been quite past year of gadgets for me. First came the conventional microwave oven. then followed by a new Nikon camera, handheld vacuum cleaner and Philips DVD player (with Divx Video) all during the Great Singapore Sale.

And then it was happy birthday to me with this. Ended the year with a couple of good grabs during the office party and someone else's party gift.


Richard said...

I haven't gamed in close to 15 years. (Although, maybe I did sneak in a game of Star Fleet Battles during that time).

Cavalock said...

Richard: u are never too old to game! There r lots of cool board games that i'm sure u n your family will enjoy playing, n i'm not referring to Monopoly n Risk here. Head to boardgamegeek.