Friday, December 29, 2006

The Spoils Of War Or How I Finally Got An iPod

Talk about your six degrees of separation. I finally bought a new 4GB ipod nano (2nd gen) for only S$250, about US$168 (retailing at S$348, about US$227).

The crazy part is how I got it. My gaming buddy’s wife got it from her ad agency’s creative director as a Xmas gift. She’s the agency’s client (BIG telco account). But since the couple already has a video ipod, my friend decided to sell it to me. I didn’t know the background behind it yet but I noticed the nano came preloaded with a ton of really obscure old songs (over 400 oldies!), I asked him if I could delete them. He said sure and told me about its ‘history’. So I deleted all the songs ‘cept for the Seinfeld album.

Now I knew folks who knew folks from the ad agency. Well, did some nosing around. Agencies giving ipods to clients? Wow, haven’t heard that one in a long while. So, to cut a long story short and to leave out the nasty details cos as this story clearly shows, you can never tell who knows who, the nano wasn’t exactly given out in the spirit of goodwill.

Ho Ho Ho! Now I have an ipod nano (see the first Die Hard movie to get this inside joke)

Well, since almost everyone in me office is a Mac/Apple fan. It wasn’t that hard for me to …er… ‘get’ a whole bunch of free songs from their playlists as our network kinda links our desktops/notebooks. Now to get one of those external speakers for me new nano.


Richard said...

Sofia had said she wanted an iPod. After a bit of questioning, it turned out what she really wanted was a less bulky replacement for her CD player (which can play mp3s).

So, I saved money by buying a lower cost alternative.

imp said...

you got the best deal of all!

Cavalock said...

Richard: am sure she loves it!

Imp: heh…its been a pretty gadgety year for me. Sweeeeet!

B said...

I love my Apple/Mac products. iTunes and the iPod are such great products (not perfect, mind you) and I am a huge fan. Once I bought my iBook, I vowed that it would take a lot to return to a PC. Enjoy your new toy!

Cavalock said...

b: yah, i know what u mean. am in the same industry where almost everyone uses (n loves) a mac.