Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Had a early Xmas dinner with friends on Saturday nite. Everyone prepared something so we had lots of food and later, leftovers. Anyway, we ordered one of those pre-cooked turkeys this year. Some of the things overheard before dinner was served...

"Are you sure it's cooked?"

"Are you sure you can fit it in the mircowave?"

"Remove the foil!"
"You don't need to remove the foil if you set it to 'conventional oven'!!!"

"This isn't rocket science."

"It's cooked but it's still cold on the inside. Put your finger inside the bird and feel it."

"Maybe it's supposed to be cold on the inside."

"Eeeewww. Why did you have to put your middle finger in it?"
"Cos it's my longest finger!"

"Why did you give me a dessert knife to cut the bird with?"

Well, I'm sure there were a couple others that I forgot. Anyway, I had leftover turkey sandwiches for breakfast 2 days in a row already.

Merry Christmas guys! Thanks for dropping by!

A little present I got that nite. A giant jar of mashmallows!


Richard said...

I don't think anything should be cold in the middle if it is cooked (aside from Baked Alaska).

You know, if you pumped the air out of the jar, the marshmallows would expand to montrous size.

B said...

Those comments sound all too familiar! Because my mom is still recovering, my sisters and I did everything this year and it was hilarious at times. My younger sister turned to me at one point and asked how to hardboil eggs... we started laughing hysterically at ourselves over things like that all weekend! Ah, good times. I'm laughing at Richard's comment! Makes a person want to go out and get marshmallows to experiment with! Yes, even a 30 year old like myself!!

Happy Holidays!

imp said...

hahaha!!! i won't even dare step into the kitchen. i'll just watch and volunteer to wash up.

Coffee Fairy v1 said...

belated Merry Christmas Cavalock!great to hear you had a lot of fun with your friends last Christmas! Happy new year!

Cavalock said...

Richard: marshmallows....

b: am sure it was an unforgetable dinner!

imp: volunteering to wash up is always much appreciated!

coffee fairy: heh! hope u had a great time too!