Sunday, May 28, 2006

Revenge Of The GSS

It's that time of the year again here in Singapore where it's the Great Singapore Sale. About couple of years ago, I bought a ton of furniture for my very own new apartment and I really did save a lot. This year, two days into it and I already spent over a grand. shit. Let's see now, the Harvey Norman at Suntec was having a moving out sale and I finally got the Nikon S5 that I was eyeing for the last few months. $529 with case and 512 memory card. Trust me, did enough research to know that's a pretty good buy. Plus a handheld vacuum cleaner and a new Philips DVD player ($139) that plays Divx Video which means I can watch downloaded shows like the latest episodes of Grey's Anatomy, 24, Lost etc. No, I don't download them but I know people who do. And a brown card holder.

Found more stuff at me folks' place. These are just some of the hats or caps that my uncle bought for me when he was working in the US many years ago. I used to have lots more! He got me hats such as a baseball helmet, a big feathered red indian chief headgear as well as the one with just single feather and also a Robin Hood cap. I still have a pix of me as a kid (about 5 or 6 years old) in the big red indian chief headgear with a real pipe in me mouth. Too bad I ain't got a scanner.

Wanna know what I think of the new X-Men movie? Hell, if you are a comic book fan and not familiar with The X-Men stories, then you will love it. If you are a comic fan and like The X-Men, then you probably won't like it at all.

With a little help, it's now three down and three more to go!


imp said...

i refused to remember the comic and just watched it.

did you stay after the last scene?? there was the end credits...and then a final scene in the room with the man in a coma who calls out. Xavier's voice. think they're paving the way for 4th installment.

no idea. plot's super messy after this stage.

Unknown said...

hmmm... there has to be something wrong with me... cuz i loved both! or maybe it was just hugh jackman... =)

ghee said...

hello there!

the Nikon is quite expensive,but you got the Dvd player in a very reasonable price.
aww,i always wanna go to Spore or Hong kong for shopping.

Thanx for droppin by my site.
You are always welcome to visit. :D

happy shopping!

Richard said...

Is Singapore like France where they are permitted sales only 2 times a year?

Here we have sales every week. There is really no point in buying most things at regular price. Most of the tools in my garage have been bought on sale (usually 50%-70% off).

Cavalock said...

Hi all!

Imp: yah, me and the guys stayed till the end. Rule number one in comic book deaths, if there’s no body, there’s no death. Heh…anyway, Jean Grey returned from the dead more than a couple of times in the comics. One of the rumours why they killed off Cyclops early is cos he went off and starred in former X-Men director Singer’s new movie about this alien with SUPER powers from a rival comic book company.

Angie: Just about every woman I know feels the same way bout him. Geez, as I’m typing this, I’m listening to yr Grease soundtrack on yr site!

Ghee: thanks for dropping by…keeping me fingers crossed, I might be headed to Kyoto and Tokyo later the year.

Richard: Only 2 sales a year in Singapore? There’ll be hell to pay and riots in the streets if that ever happens!!!

Kay said...

Never been to a GSS me a Singaporean...just dont like crowds..even now with the school holidays started...argghh

There's a lot of ppl everywhere even on a weekday..

I love watching X-men..only the cartoons..never seen or read the comics..

Hugh Jackman...awww..who could ever resist him

Ally said...

whoa..that's alot of hats!