Saturday, January 05, 2008

"Do the maracas with the lot"

Well, it's a Saturday nite and here I am at home alone ... listening to Take That on my iTunes and trying to get drunk, well, the key word here is 'trying'. I think I am a little drunk since I just admitted to listening to Take That. Heh.

These pix were just taken bout an hour ago. Take a whole bottle of Classic Juice, apple and peach flavor, and a bottle of Absolut Vodka Peach.

Mix them with bout 1/4 of the Vodka to the entire bottle of juice. Add in the ice, do the maracas with the lot. Ah, its Tom Petty now ... cruising through the 't' s in my iTunes. ;)

Then pour them out out into a beer glass. Well, that's the only glass I had that was big enough.

oh, and if you think I haven't got anymore Osaka stuff, well, you are wrong ... I still another piece to write bout that. Heh. That one is gonna be on food with more food pix!


B said...

Nothing like listening to music and shaking up some cocktails on a Saturday night! Sounds great to me! :)

Looking forward to your next Osaka post!


Anonymous said...

absolutely looking awesome!!
i love that shape of beer glass :)

Cavalock said...

b: well, i can think of a couple of other things i would rather be doing though. hah!

niki: i got the glass free when i bought the beer!

AVIANA said...

Happy New Year!

I'm not a drinker at all.. I'll drink champagne for New Years and and half a glass of white wine twice a year but that's it...

talk to you soon!

B said...

Haha. Yes, I know. But music and cocktails isn't such a bad plan b, is it? :)

Cavalock said...

aviana: Happy new year to u too!

b: no, its not such a bad plan. and i hv gotten used to my own company too. ;)