Sunday, January 27, 2008

"That didn't come out right"

I was just thinking the other day bout how some kinds of food that most folks don't normally like that, well, I do!
1. Raw onions. I really like them. There was once I even asked for extra onions on my Subway sandwiches. But I kinda stopped that since I realized that although I love the taste of onions, its the lingering aftertaste that I (and people around me obviously) ain't crazy about.

2. Garlic. See above. Hah!

3. Cod Liver Oil. I love the white sticky liquid, ok, that didn't come out right. Been drinking Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil since I was a kid and almost everyone I have met till today, can't stand the taste.

4. Chinese medicine. Well, I have drank my fair share of really foul tasting. Ok, it's not that I like taking them but it's just that I don't mind taking them I guess.

As for things that lots of people like, but I don't ... well, off the top of my head, I can only think of two right now.

1. Chilli or hot spicy stuff. My entire family loves them except me. Growing up, I saw my aunts, uncles and parents eat all kinds of hot stuff. My mom even grew her own chili padi and would bring to the dinner table. I would play with them but never eat them.

2. Almond desserts. Lots of people love Chinese almond desserts but I just don't like the taste. It's a weird taste that's neither sweet or sour or anything to me.

Here's a cup of Chinese tea that I enjoyed at the Imperial Herbal at VivoCity. Sorry for the fuzzy pix. There's a whole bunch of herbs and flowers in it. Let's see now, there's wolfberries, lychees, rose petals and ... er ... bunch of other stuff.


Anonymous said...

i'll take the raw onions and garlic and chilli anytime.

but it's a big no no to tonic soups and anything almond!!!

i wonder why they say almonds taste like cockroaches.

Cavalock said...

hah...think u r the only other person i know who shares the same sentiments bout almonds.

Anonymous said...

hey did that herbal place you went to have wulong or oolong tea??? I heard the stuff is amazing for better health and shredding extra pounds…I saw on one company’s site,, that it helps with weight, hair loss, skin care, and like dental I think, idk, but next time you stop at that shop it might be something to write a blog about.