Sunday, January 06, 2008

"It's a crab fest"

A great crab dinner is one of my favorite meals. Back home, it's a rare trip to the famous No Signboard Seafood Restaurant, really that's their name. My usual would be the White Pepper Crab. I actually had it yesterday with company before I headed back home alone, and had my fruity vodka.

So it's no surprise that while in Osaka, I found myself in one of their famous crab restaurants. I really don't know the English name for it. I remember Anthony Bourdain reviewing it in one of his TV shows. He didn't go in, he ate at the small stall outside the joint.

We had one of the many the sampler meals thatconsisted of eight (I think) different small crab dishes. You got your crab salad, crab tempura, grilled crab, crab sashimi, baked crab and others that I can’t remember right now. It’s a crab fest! Every little and I do mean little, dish was a pure delight. But just not enough meat, like those big Sri Lankan crabs back home I guess.

Here's the first dish which is kinda like a salad, I guess. After that, I can't really remember what came after that. Hah. But everything tasted great and as you can see, the portions aren't that big.

The one directly above is a sashimi dish while the one below is given the tempura treatment.

Next is the crab sushi and finally we got the green tea dessert. The hot matcha was actually poured onto the vanilla ice cream. Of cos, there were other crab dishes like the baked crab that I forgot to take. Heh.

There's even a handy urn to dump your empty crab shells!


Richard said...

When I was younger (you know you are getting old when you start with, "When I was younger ..."), I remember crab and lobster being tastier and bigger.

Of course, I was smaller in those days. So maybe it is just a relativistic thing.

Nowadays, it does not seem worth the effort to try and get a bit of meat out of the legs. I just go for the claw and hope it is a decent size.

B said...

Yum. I love fresh crab. I can eat platefuls at a time!! And this post also makes me excited for the return of the TV show, "Deadliest Catch." :)

Cavalock said...

richard: same here. claw's my fav too but as u can see, the claw ain't that big here.

b: is that a reality show? hah

Richard said...

Answering for b, yes it is.

Personally, I have never watched it, but I have seen the commercials for it.

Anonymous said...

woow wat a gorgeous dinner!!
that one looks like an ice cream tempura :)))
yum yum YUM!!!