Monday, November 05, 2018

Cavalock and The Borough Market Reunion Part Deux

Like I said, that last post was bout stuffing our luggage with fresh food and ingredients from Borough Market, this here post is all bout us stuffing our bellies with the food there. So much good food to choose from. For that day's lunch at Borough Market, we just went with what looked good and without a long queue coming out of the stall. But them long queues do move pretty fast.

We had mussels, oysters, uni but for me, the highlight was the mushroom risotto. Everything's cooked right in front of you in two huge pans. One for the mushrooms, the other for the risotto rice. The whole thing is sooooo fragrant. One of the very few times I had risotto in my life and this was amazing. Really gorgeous creamy consistency, and we could have ordered a second serving if not for the fact that we had to save space for the other stuff we haven't tried.

One thing I miss about London are all the big and small book shops around the city. I was fortunate to spend an entire morning at Piccadilly's Waterstones bookstore. That's six floors of books (I think it's six floors with the sixth being a cafe) and I just browsed from shelf to shelf, taking it all in. And one does not simply walked into an incredible bookstore like Waterstones without making a purchase.

So I bought a little book called 'Eggs: A Global History'. This is a non-fiction book that pretty much tells you everything you wanna know about eggs. The different kinds of eggs we been eating since the beginning of Man, how's it prepared throughout history, modern anecdotes and of cos recipes from different cultures and history. Still reading it and enjoying every page so far.

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