Monday, November 12, 2018

Cavalock and The Flashback Tradition

Visiting London last month sure brought back a ton of childhood memories, not that I was born or raised in the U.K. but little things I saw during this trip reminded me of my early childhood growing up in the old family home here in Singapore.

Me late Aunt would prepare me morning hard-boiled egg in an egg cup just like this back in the old family home. I think I was like four or five years old and I would gingerly tap the top of the egg to crack the shell with me little spoon. Having it again for breakfast in London after all these years certainly brought a smile to my face. Next, I found BEEF Bovril at Tesco supermarket! Let me repeat, BEEF Bovril, not the other vegetarian crap (it's bloody celery extract!!! WTF?!?) you find in NTUC Fairprice or Cold Storage. Why can't we have the beef extract back again? Yes, I know bout the mad cow excuse but that's like decades ago.

Man, I used to put together more than a couple of Airfix WWII model fighter planes together back when I was living in the old family home. The Spitfire was one of my favourites too, along with the Corsair. Gluing them together was such a chore for a Primary School kid but when you are done with it, you really feel like you achieved something, know what I mean? Guess what, now it's all just snap together. No glue required! Kids today are getting too pampered!

I got to watch a live telecast of the latest Doctor Who episode on Sunday evening! I grew up devouring Doctor Who novels as much as Hardy Boys ones, and only got to watch the TV series much later in life. Really luv the current female Doctor, really hate the 'politally correct' storylines. Please don't shove 'diversity' and 'inclusiveness' down my throat every week.

Talking about traditions, this kinda looks like a new one for me. The pix below was taken when I was in New York having breakfast at Pret a Manger after attending the boardgame convention Gen Con back in 2016. The one below was taken couple days in London after I was at Warhammer World, chilling with a Pret a Manger breakfast, looking out at the morning crowd hassling to work in a busy foreign city. A breakfast at Pret a Manger after a major geek event is my new thing now. I could get used to this.

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