Monday, October 29, 2018

Cavalock Finally Returns to London

Took me eight long years but I'm back in ol' London. Just a short year-end trip to enjoy the food, sights and yes, buy some Warhammer stuff. Thank gawd the weather was clear and sunny throughout our stay. None of that dreary cloudy skies one hears so much about. Immigration wasn't that bad either, only bout half hour instead of several hours like what I read online recently. Or maybe it's becos we got on the Fast Track Lane, thanks to Singapore Airlines.

The Baker-at-Home and I don't know anyone in London and so we relied only on memories of our earlier trip and whatever we could find online to plot our little British adventure. This was more of a buying trip too as we each came up with a list of made-in-UK stuff that we wanted and are obviously cheaper (or fresher) there than getting them here in Singapore. Hers were mostly food and stuff for friends while mine were mostly Warhammer miniatures and Lego. No surprise there.

All right, so the most obvious thing bout London after all these years is that it's waaaay more crowded than Tokyo. I swear Russian appears to be the second language there now cos I'm hearing Russian almost everywhere I go. They let dogs onto their subway which I think is pretty cool, I like dogs. I'm just kinda surprised cos of the sizeable Muslim community there. Maybe one day, we'll let dogs and other pets on our trains too.

Saw this in London and I'm guessing here that this is one way the new Malaysian government plans to clear its debt with the international community.

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