Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Meat On A Stick

Trust me, this cheese sausage resting in that little heap of mashed potatos and gravy is a lot better than it looks. Although famous for their beer-battered fish and chips, their sausage on a stick is pretty damn good too.

After dinner, caught the Miami Vice movie on DVD. Well, that's almost two hours of my life I'll never get back.

What Gong Li said, "I am a business woman."

What we heard, "I am a piece of woman."


Anonymous said...

miami vice was bad. really bad. the mood lighting sucks and it's so grainy. not art here. just plain bad. lines suck, clothes suck.

only cars and guns are nice. even so, action sequences suck.

sereneannabelle said...


yeah she is a piece of woman indeed.

Richard said...

Looks like a pogo to me (in the States they call them corn dogs).

I am not partial to them because I do not like hotdogs (as well, I hate the taste of wooden sticks. ick).

Cavalock said...

imp: i'm just glad i didn't pay 8 bucks to watch it in a theatre.

serendipity: she looks a lot better here than in Geisha.

richard: we got lots of different kinda meat on a stick here. from local Satay to Yakitori.

Coffee Fairy v1 said...

hey hey, where can I get that sausage on top of mashed potato? :)

Cavalock said...

It's at the basement of Raffles City, shop's name is Chippy.