Sunday, February 28, 2021

Cavalock and The Honey Buzzard Title Defence

Gosh, I didn't know this until yesterday but according to Blogger me previous post was me 1,000th post. I suppose I should do something significant to commemorate it. Not really sure what though.

Anyway, took a look back exactly 10 years ago and saw that the Baker-at-Home and I were at now defunct Cocotte restaurant. And funny thing is 10 years later in February me and the guys visited Summerhill for dinner. Apparently some of the folks behind Cocotte are now running the show at Summerhill so I was really looking forward to dinner that evening. Been a decade so I can't exactly remember the finer details bout Cocotte but I do remember liking the food a lot.

Anyway, we got there right after a solid fun boardgame session. The food was really good although the company was much better. Dining al fresco in the evening doesn't really let you take a lot of bright clear photos. The above boneless Challand duck needs a 3-day pre-order and is definitely worth it. Excellent dining experience in a cosy outdoor atmosphere. 

Me 87-year-old Dad got an opportunity to snap these shots of a group of crows (I know it's a 'murder'!) picking on a lone honey buzzard at Whampoa. He was there to take photos of a nest of blue-crowned hanging parrots but I thought these action shots were way cooler.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Cavalock and The Morning Natto Nuke

I never thought it'll be something that I'll be having on a regular basis but here I am, eating natto in the morning. So under doctor's orders, I oughta be eating healthy so after some digging, I settled on the popular Japanese breakfast staple called natto.  

The last time I had it was back in Japan at least a decade ago, part of an onsen breakfast I think. As expected, I didn't take an instant liking to it. But when I had my serving of natto couple days ago, I thought it was alright, I followed what I read online, added a drop or two of soy sauce and ate it with a healthy serving of nori. Now I'm thinking perhaps the natto I had way back then at the onsen was kinda like a stronger or 'purer' homemade version compared to something commercial from a supermarket shelf. Maybe?

Anyway the plan is to have it every other day for breakfast and how it goes from there. You can add all kinds of stuff like feta cheese, raw egg or pepper on it to make it a little more palatable. There are so many different brands on sale that I'm gonna try different ones each week. 

Who knew? This could be the meanest street on our tiny red dot. First time seeing this road sign and I thought it was kinda amusing. Of cos, it wouldn't be that amusing if you are a bald person.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Cavalock and The Orange Pudding Surprise

 Happy New Year of the Ox!

Back when I was a little kid, I kinda looked forward to Lunar New Year for a reason not most people would normally associate the NewYear with. It's me Mom going me a one day Get-of-Jail -Free card as she used to say that on the first day of the Lunar New Year, she wouldn't nag or scold me, just for that day. Hah! 

Still reeling from the lack of travel last year and this, I finally succumbed to lonesome me missing Tokyo and bought this fruity Japanese dessert from Don Don. I guess it kinda reminded me of something I would see in a Tokyo convenience store like Lawsons. I was pleasantly surprised by how packed the jelly/pudding was with orange slices. Really juicy ones too!

Pretty uneventful first day of the new year, I did watch the latest 6th episode of WandaVision. If you read the comics, especially the House of M storyline, then most of last six episodes of the show would appear rather familiar. I was gonna wait till we get Disney + later in February to binge watch it but all the guys are already watching and talking bout it. They are bugging me to catch up it so I had to otherwise they were gonna start with the spoilers.

Monday, February 08, 2021

Cavalock and That Pre-Chinese New Year Post

Now it's always a good thing when a new dessert cafe shows up in the neighbourhood. Sweets Craftsman is located at Caven Road, next to Jalan Besar Stadium and features Japanese inspired desserts. It's a tiny little joint but nice and cosy. Me and the Baker-at-Home dropped by twice for some of their tasty creations. First up we had their creamy Fujiro swiss rolls and loved them so much that we returned couple days later for their meringue. 

Chinese New Year's just run the corner and of cos, this year is gonna be different cos of the obvious restrictions on gatherings. So I was listening to my friends complaining bout how their elders are trying to come up with ways to circumvent the law. Really?!? I could never understand, or perhaps 'empathise' would be the better word, with such large family gatherings. As an only child with no cousins here, there's only one other house to visit every year since the day I was born and that's the old family home, a place where I grew up and visit every week when I was in my teens. So I never experienced any awkward moments with relatives and all that jazz. Sometimes I wish I do have siblings so there would be someone to play boardgames with.

These were taken in January earlier this year at Seletar, I believe it was Seletar, by me Dad. He spent two days aiming his camera up in the tree. One day, the second day was wasted cos he wasn't able to get any decent shots. Fortunately the good shots were mostly taken on the first day. 

Monday, February 01, 2021

Cavalock and The Hornbill High-rise Habitat

Gosh, what a crazy busy last couple weeks. Caregiver duties and me waiting for me medical test results kinda left me with hardly anytime for posting stuff. Well, it's not like I had a lot to talk about anyway. Oh, I did managed to order a basket of chicken nuggets from Shake Shack. Alright, it ain't exactly nuggets, it's 'all-natural, antibiotic chicken breast' and it's called Chick'n Bites. Found them a bit dry compared to them nuggets although each piece is definitely more substantial or meaty than a regular nugget. So even though you are paying more at SGD$6.40 for a box of six, you are getting more and I guess, a sightly healthier option.

Speaking of birds, me Dad was showing me some pix of the hornbill nest he took couple days ago. I thought the nest was an old tree trunk lying on the ground until I saw that fuller pix of the trunk up in the air and part of a big, old tree. Hah!

Fortunately there were also other birds nearby besides the hornbills which made moving around easy for mr 87-year-old Dad.