Sunday, February 28, 2021

Cavalock and The Honey Buzzard Title Defence

Gosh, I didn't know this until yesterday but according to Blogger me previous post was me 1,000th post. I suppose I should do something significant to commemorate it. Not really sure what though.

Anyway, took a look back exactly 10 years ago and saw that the Baker-at-Home and I were at now defunct Cocotte restaurant. And funny thing is 10 years later in February me and the guys visited Summerhill for dinner. Apparently some of the folks behind Cocotte are now running the show at Summerhill so I was really looking forward to dinner that evening. Been a decade so I can't exactly remember the finer details bout Cocotte but I do remember liking the food a lot.

Anyway, we got there right after a solid fun boardgame session. The food was really good although the company was much better. Dining al fresco in the evening doesn't really let you take a lot of bright clear photos. The above boneless Challand duck needs a 3-day pre-order and is definitely worth it. Excellent dining experience in a cosy outdoor atmosphere. 

Me 87-year-old Dad got an opportunity to snap these shots of a group of crows (I know it's a 'murder'!) picking on a lone honey buzzard at Whampoa. He was there to take photos of a nest of blue-crowned hanging parrots but I thought these action shots were way cooler.

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