Friday, July 23, 2021

Cavalock and That Lockdown Plan (Again)

It's the first day of a lockdown! Alright, lets' face it, there's really nothing we can do bout except roll with the punches. No amount of ranting online or offline is going to change anything about this lockdown. Although I do find it rather unbelievable that the authorities didn't know anything about the illegal KTV joints. I mean, folks were already talking bout such joints months ago. They were pretty open bout it. 

Anyway I did managed to at least get one last day at the gym on the day before the lockdown (use the machines!). Expected the place to be little crowded but it wasn't which is good for me, I guess. The Baker-at-Home and I also got to dine at one of our fav Japanese joints, Suju, over at Mandarin Gallery last week. Damn, I really miss their tofu salad. And we had lots of fish too.

We liked it so much that we ordered their bento takeaway on the first day of the Lockdown! She had the black vinegar chicken which she liked a lot, while I had the familiar fav yuzu pork. Yah, that's quite a lot of rice. Hah! 

Just like the previous lockdowns, I'm gonna buckle down with my painting and yesterday I picked up some cheap make-up brushes ($5 for two brushes from Minis) that I'll be using for dry-brushing my miniatures. It's common for miniature painters to use such cheap brushes as they do get the job done, effectively and at a fraction of the price of other expensive brushes. I have at least a couple of dozen models to paint, well, that should take me through the Lockdown I guess.

Thursday, July 08, 2021

Cavalock and That Uninhibited Uni Dinner

Just before the restaurants are open for all-out, five-a-table dining, the Baker-at-Home and I managed to snag a seating at IL Den at their new Scotts Road joint. Seems like most online searches still list them at their old locations. Anyway, it's situated at one of those old colonial type bungalows along Scotts Road towards Newton MRT Station. Got there before sunset and made our way down a most welcoming little pathway leading to the restaurant, lined with pots of chili and lemon bushes. I thought it was pretty neat, nice little prelude to dinner. 

Had the sake pairing to go with our Omakase dinner. Good modern Japanese food all the way, you got more than one yummy uni dish, real tender wagyu beef and sake, sake, sake. Did I say we had a sake pairing? Absolutely stuffed by the end of the evening. Took a nice stroll to the train station after that.

Been awhile since I posted me Dad's pix. He's getting old now and has difficulty walking at 87-years old but somehow he still manages to make his way across the island a couple times a week to snap some bird pix. He took these at Gardens by The Bay last month.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Cavalock and The Weeklong Dinner Dash

We dined out three times this week! From healthy dishes at Muji to artery-clogging BBQ beef at our fav Japanese yakiniku joint Wa Don-Don over at Duxton Hill. I guess seeing what everyone has just gone through with the semi-Lockdown, we aren't the only couple on the island to go a little overboard with the whole dining-out thing this week. No apologies for pigging out!

Now we got this generous gift from the Baker-at-Home's Japanese friend in Tokyo last month, it's a box of instant traditional Japanese soup by Kagafu Fumuro-Ya. But the cool thing is it comes in a wafer cube that you crack open before pouring the hot water, and releasing all colourful ingredients and flavour. We like the Miso and Dashi flavours. It's things like these that really make us miss our trips to Japan. 


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Cavalock and The Lockdown Takeout Tryouts

Like most folks, I been hitting Golden Mile and Amoy food centres in the afternoon to pack lunch back for the Baker-at-Home but once-in-a-while we break the fine china out for some delivery dinners. We really enjoyed our first visit to Miznon couple months back so we figured why out again. Got the really juicy Abu Kebab, great if you like lamb and beef. A little pricy at $24 but definitely worth every bite. Pity they don't have their popular artichoke on their delivery menu.

We were also extremely fortunate to savour dinners from Mustard Seed on not one but two occasions. The dinner on the right column was what we had at the end of May. Really liked the squid kerabu that's tossed with lime, belachan and fresh calamansi juice. The second dinner on the left column was last weekend and its bento box presentation reminded the Baker-at-Home of airline food. Hah! Not bad overall but I kinda preferred the first dinner. 

I told myself I was gonna learn a new solo boardgame Rurik during this current lockdown but I just never got to it. It's an area control war game based on the Rurik dynasty back around AD 850 in Eastern Europe. Played the multiplayer game with my friends sometime back, really liked it but wanted to learn the solo rules cos you know, lockdown. Didn't get to it cos I bought this! Kragnos, the latest giant miniature from Warhammer: Age of Sigmar! Right now I'm still painting him and hope to be done once dining out is allowed.

Monday, June 07, 2021

Cavalock and Olive Oyl Oil Overdue

Fingers crossed, still another week to go for our mini-lockdown. I gotta admit, I haven't been as productive as I was during the last major lockdown bout a year ago. No more gym and no home workouts either. I did managed to get some painting done and the two visitors per home rule meant I got to play some tabletop games with the guys. 

But the Baker-at-Home was certainly busy in the kitchen. From top to bottom, she made some Takikomi Gohan with Kinmedai, that was amazing. Some homemade Japanese red bean paste, no preservatives and not as sweet as the ones you find in the stores. And that there beef don is still one of the best I have ever had. Well, we did our fair share of takeaway meals too and me trekking to army market hawker centre was an almost daily lunchtime affair.

Was at the usual Japanese grocery stores couple weeks ago and spotted these interesting items. New Japanese beer and ... wait for it... Olive Oyl's Olive Oil! I can't believe it took them that long come up with this! Popeye's girlfriend was created more than 100 years ago in 1919 and NOW then someone in Japan decided to make olive oil out of it?!? 

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Cavalock and That Nut Butter Buffet

Hope everyone is hanging in there during this latest lockdown. This here is something the Baker-at-Home does once in a while. Figured this lockdown is a good time to share this, it's something most anyone can do too in their kitchen. It's some sticky yummy homemade nut butter! She bakes the cashew nuts and almonds first in the oven before tossing them in her Magimix food processor. You can use your other favourite nuts too. When it's all done, I guess it's a healthier alternative from store-bought nut butter. Cos of the lack of preservatives and we don't any other weird crazy stuff in there. Hah! 

More bird (and one squirrel) pix taken by me 87-year-old Dad just before the lockdown. These were taken at West Coast Park as well as Pasir Ris Park. Yah, he would criss-cross the damn island if he knew there were decent pix of birds there.